To help underserved youth, develop the emotional and social intelligence needed to counteract delinquency and refute negative social narratives. 



For underserved youth to transform hopelessness into hope. Despite their current circumstance, we envision our youth being motivated self- thinkers who embrace their natural gifts and talents to benefit the world. 


Our Story

Being a former law enforcement officer, Dr. Kareem Puranda recognized a dire necessity for mental health services in the communities he served.  In 2012, he founded Achieving Success On Purpose, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, to help underserve communities in the Charlotte, NC area.  Under his leadership, ASOP developed a dedicated team of volunteers and staff members who help provide various services throughout the community. Through great partnerships with local organizations & businesses, ASOP has provided free chess lessons at local libraries and rec centers, conducted Back to School bookbag drives, food drives and participated in feed the homeless initiatives.  In 2019, ASOP began operating year-round, offering life skill classes, parenting workshops, evidence-based curriculum, and counseling services to at-risk youth, youth involved in the juvenile justice system, and young adults with first-time offenses.  Achieving Success on Purpose is not just a title or motto. It is a way of life that begins with the renewal of your mind. Adversities can be unpredictable. But how you get through them is what builds character. Hardships can produce resiliency and wisdom. Develop the courage to tackle any challenge and be encouraged to achieve success on purpose!   


Experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly of police work.  Kareem witnessed a need for counseling within the agency and the multi-cultural communities he patrolled. After overcoming his own ordeal, Kareem shifted careers to become a therapist.  He is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor-Supervisor, a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, and a Trauma-Focused CBT Clinician. He is the owner of Self Talk Counseling & Consulting and the author of two books; Breaking the Code of Silence: A cop’s journey to triumph & truth and Constructs Of Policing Self™ (COPS) – a self-help manual for law enforcement agencies.  Dr. Puranda is also a renowned speaker who delivers inspirational talks, training and workshops on self-awareness, mental health and law enforcement perspectives. He is a change-agent for helping to heal relations between police and the communities they serve.

Board of Directors


Steve Durant, Retired Sergeant

Vice President

Kareem Puranda, LCMHCS, LCAS, Self-Talk Counseling & Consulting 


Kim Hines, Associate Appraiser, Cushman & Wakefield


Lori Brown, Dept of Social Services

Board Member

Trevor Boone, Gastonia County Schools

Board Member

Michael Sherman, Educator, NYC Dept of Education

Executive Director

Nalo Coban, ASOP

Our Partnerships