Programs that develop emotional and social intelligence, improve self-esteem, fosters healthy relationships, and reinforces positive behaviors. 

B.R.I.C.K. – Building Reality w/ Imagination, Curiosity & Knowledge 

The B.R.I.C.K. program provides free counseling services to at-risk youth, and youth involved in the juvenile justice system who are dealing with the following: peer pressure, conflict resolution, substance use, school issues, societal conditioning, parent-child relationships issues, gang involvement, self-identity, etc.

Through counseling we can address the root problems. Counseling improves critical thinking, healthy coping strategies, self-esteem, communication, family relations, etc.

Our group therapy sessions include instructional teaching, journaling, role playing, art & music therapy, goal setting, guest speakers, and Chess.

We use evidence-based curriculum and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which sets the tone for improved thinking and behavior. 


Our Life Skills classes help youth and first-time offenders learn life skills to help them make better decisions in life. Life Skills Classes cover topics such as decision making, conflict resolution, peer pressure, mental health, budgeting/finances, and career choices.  


Our parenting workshop is offered to participants in the BRICK program and Life Skills Classes. The parenting workshops cover topics involving Parenting Styles, Love-Hurt Languages, Mental Health, Communication Techniques, & Child Development. 


Our paint and politic class improves mindfulness through art while incorporating history and education. Participants create inspirational artwork that showcases their talents, gifts and potential.


*coming soon 

Encouraging minds to create and engineer objects using comprehensive Lego sets.